Chiiild – “Hands Off Me”

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The New York City subway is a particularly dismal place to be while commuting in the early hours of the day— I typically cope by leaning into dark-dream pop, moody early-2000’s alternative, and emo-rap. However, this particularly cold morning called for the unfamiliar— something new, melodic, and sexy. Self-proclaimed “synthetic soul” collective Chiiild’s newest track “Hands Off Me” blessed my headphones just as I hopped on the packed D-train at 8am. I was instantly met with intrigue as the smooth vocals glide over deep bass and octave fuzz. It’s as if the guitar is dancing with the vocal, spasmodically jumping through frenetic phrases and acting in response. Both stringent and jarring, in many ways the guitar seems out of place within the atmosphere of the song (though it succeeds in demanding the listener’s attention nonetheless). “Hands Off Me” is a song that transports— intoxicating you with a sense of psychedelic ease. If you’re looking to break out of the winter blues and escape reality (even for just a moment), I strongly suggest you dive into Montreal’s emerging talent Chiiild.

Suddenly, crowded rides and long delays don’t seem so bad. 

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*Originally posted on VaShift on January 26, 2020*


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