San Mei – “Hard to Face”

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As San Mei gears up to play her second SXSW later this year, the Australian breakout artist has released her first single of 2020: “Hard to Face”. The combination of heavy-hitting lyrics and “alt-pop” composition are eerily reminiscent of Purity Ring or Phantogram. Though her voice, sweet and up-beat, glides pleasantly over drum and guitar– you can’t help but focus on her deeply sincere lyrics. 

I wanna feel alive the way you wake

And I’m not happy, is this a mistake?

One more day is hard to face.

“Hard to Face” evokes a lyrical resonance of an early Stars’ “Five Ghosts”— unsettling yet hauntingly beautiful. Amidst disruptive times, it feels almost innate to lean into the darkness. I urge you to lean hard with “Hard to Face”– and invite San Mei’s voice to linger hollowly for a while. 

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Instagram: @sanmeimusic

Twitter: @sanmeimusic


*Originally Posted of VaShift on January 30, 2020*


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