The Friday Archive – GFOM’s Top Albums 2009

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Originally posted on December 21st, 2009.

Welcome back to GFOM’s Friday Archive Series— this week I sought to re-publish a year-end list that spoke to the very specific sentiments evoked by this whirlwind of a year. 2020 has challenged me with uncomfortable uncertainty and stagnation– forcing me to dwell in my redefining of “normalcy”. Typically an auspicious soul, I have been more recently taking a critical look within and in my surroundings. In a (hopefully) not-so-corny way, Grizzly Bear’s “Two Weeks” (off of Veckatimest), speaks to the sentiment of uncertainty– as the song is exclusively comprised of allusive questioning…Would you always?…Maybe sometimes?…Make it easy? … To be fair my questions are more like: How am I going to make rent? Who are my real friends? Where did I put my mask? (but you get the point). When I emerge from my introspective/pseudo-depressive Grizzly Bear hole, My Girls off of Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion is next up on the playlist. Just like so many other songs, My Girls is tied to a very distinct memory of mine, a memory of a happier and healthier place. When listening, I can’t help but transport away– to the coast of Mallorca… in the passenger’s seat of a vintage BMW… with the sound of too-loud music escaping out the windows: There isn’t much that I feel I need…A solid soul and the blood I bleed. I long for the past and am uncertain in my present when My Girls drifts me away– a similar sentiment felt even when it’s time to take my headphones off. Having re-listened to GFOM’s Top Albums 2009 List, I have found great solace in rediscovering songs (and their meanings) in the greater context of now. Maybe those feelings have always been there… floating deep beneath the surface….untouched and unseen– and only now I am able to truly listen, feel, and experience in the ways that I should?

The Friday Archive – GFOM’s Top Albums 2009

01. animal collective – merriweather post pavilion

“It feels like one of the landmark American albums of the century so far.” -uncut

02. grizzly bear – veckatimest

“It’s like hearing the past few centuries of music playing in symphony, which sounds–thrillingly and reassuringly–like the future.” -onion

03. xx – xx

“The xx have made a debut that sounds utterly flawless; it’s the kind of album that bands take years to create” -doa

04. dirty projectors – bitte orca

05. sunset rubdown – dragonslayer

06. handsome furs – face control

07. bill callahan – sometimes i wish i were an eagle

08. flaming lips – embryonic

09. phoenix – wolfgang amadeus phoenix

10. camera obscura – my maudlin career


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