A creative, trans-disciplinary collective of writers, artists and thinkers, committed to the preservation of democratic soulcraft in the complexities of 21st century America.

Greater Freedom of Movement is a rendition of a music blog started in 2005 by Bryan McGlynn. For over eight years, the tight-knit GFOM community consistently posted music articles, reviews, show archives, “year end” lists, festival diaries, and more. During this time, the main contributors included Bryan (glynner), Justin (olde), Jordan (gordo), Jason (llyod) and Corey (fraggle). The original ethos being: “good friends. good times. good music.”– we felt compelled (with permission) to resurrect GFOM in a new light. We strive to keep the familial tradition alive, while continuing to redefine the very landscape of our exploration.

Meet the Team

Ireland Gibson – Lead Editor / Music Editor

Ireland is a former Touring Coordinator that has worked on projects for Childish Gambino, A$AP Rocky, LCD Soundsystem, Sufjan Stevens and more. She began full-time writing in early 2019– contributing primarily in concert reviews/coverage in New York City and Paris. Her passion of live music began as a toddler attending concerts in Philadelphia with her parents (sans protective headphones). She is also a dive bar extraordinaire who collects cats in her spare time.

Ocean Gibson – Thinker-at-Large

Ocean is a project coordinator, writer and professor focused on preserving the best of American thought traditions and passionate about vitalizing the possibilities of democratic governance, culture, and imagination. He has abiding interests in philosophy and religion, but believes that a life of earnest reflection should go hand in hand with a life lived in style. Onward, to greater freedom of movement!

Gavin Gibson – Creative Director

Jae Woo Chung – Contributor

A lawyer. A writer. A photographer. A silly philosopher. And an avid defender of endless possibilities on what there was, what there is, what there will be, and what there could be.

Corey Fagles – Senior Advisor

Bryan McGlynn – Senior Advisor

Evan Janusziewicz – Chief Technical Officer

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